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Salt Lake City’s Infrastructural Developments in Sustainability

I love Salt Lake.  I love Utah.  We have so many awesome things about this state. We have world class outdoor activities within a few hours in any direction. We have a strong economy. We have nice people.  Salt Lake City is especially great in my opinion because of the people and leadership! Keep in mind that is SALT LAKE CITY’s leadership.. NOT Utah’s as a whole. Orrin Hatch sucks the most!  Mike Lee… Sucks! Chirs Stewart.. yea, he sucks too!  Salt Lake City has forward thinking political figures that are trying to make some sort of difference. We have a pretty diverse population of residents that are engaged in the community and care about what is happening.

Salt Lake City has now just passed mandate for large buildings over 25,000 square feet to benchmark their energy usage. Which is awesome!! unless you just love the inversion.. Said no one ever!  You may have heard about the recycling ordinance as well.  That paved the way for GreenThink Recycling to get started making a difference.  That is why I am grateful for the people in this city who are trying to do things for the future.  I wish that sustainability measures didn’t have to be something the city mandates.  I wish that people just understand the full benefits of what sustainability practices can do. Such as: Save resources, reduce consumption, add value to our economy, reduce pollutants in the air, and more.  Some of these infrastructural developments in sustainability will lead to better practices and more awareness when it comes to the environment and our impacts on it.

I just wanted to send a very big “THANK YOU!!” to Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie B. and the Sustainability Department for their continued efforts!

Action starts with each individual to make one small conscious decision to change and do better by the environment.  Something as simple as turning the air conditioner down, not because it saves money(which is also does), but because it reduces that amount of carbon off puts in that energy consumption.  Be idle free(when you can). Recycle more. Consumer less or consumer smarter, like knowing where and how the stuff you buy is produced.  Think about a typical daily decision and how it affects the environment.  I’ll be honest, I’m not perfect, I eat bacon and the production of that stuff is super costly when it comes to emissions.

If you take one thing away from this post… I would say to start with something small and understand the environmental impacts. Develop YOUR environmental infrastructure for a better tomorrow. One action with get the snowball rolling and then BAM! You’re saving the world too!

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